Terms & Conditions

1. This quote includes insurance on all equipment owned by Darkwing Aerials (DWA) Should you wish to make use of additional equipment, please specify up front. The insurance onus lies with the owner or lessee for any rented or other equipment used.

2. DWA is covered for ZAR 40 000 000.00 public liability insurance.

3. A risk assessment will be done for each shoot. The pilot in command (PIC) reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether it is safe to fly, or not. Weather conditions such as wind and temperature and altitude need to be taken into account by DWA PIC, conditions may change during the day.

4. Flights can only be conducted as per DWA Opspec, CAA regulations to be abided by at all times.

5. Controlled airspace. When flying in controlled airspace, the PIC needs to adhere to the air traffic control towers instructions. A flight plan needs to be submitted to the ATC no less than 2 days prior to the shoot. DWA cannot be held liable for any delays caused by air traffic control.

6. All footage shot by DWA remains the property of DWA until the final invoice is paid in full. Any footage used in any way before payment is made will be liable for usage charges in addition to the final invoice.

7.A standard workday is 10 hours. Overtime will be billed for hours over and above 10 hours unless discussed and agreed upon.

8. All Darkwing’s personnel and equipment will be charged out at the full daily rate as from the Mobilization Day agreed upon with the Client until the Demobilization Day as agreed with the Client prior to starting the Work. For clarity purpose: • Mobilization Day is the departure day from the personnel home airport. • Demobilization Day is the departure day from the airport of the country in which the Works have been performed.

Should Darkwing technicians and equipment become idle as a result of event (except the ones due to its own fault) preventing Darkwing from performing the Works (herein the “Standby Day”) Darkwing retains the right to bill the Client for Standby Days. It is understood that the Standby Days will be charged at the full daily rates mentioned in Table of attached Estimate, depending on the service.

9. Tech Recce and Gear check days are billed at 50% of Pilot cost.

10. Per Diems to be covered by production in accordance with industry standards. To be paid to the DWA crew on set for all days away including travel and down days.

11. Maximum 4 locations per day. DWA will charge a fee of R1500.00 per location for any additional locations.

12. The cost of Special Permission Permits to be covered by production and will be added to invoice.
13. Should any changes be made after initial estimate submitted these costs will be added to the final invoice.

14. DWA has a VERY strict ‘on set’ ‘behind the scenes’ photos and video policy. No mobile phone photos or videos will be allowed to be taken on set. No footage of the drone in flight or on the ground may be used without prior consent of DWA. Producers/clients are requested to inform their crew of this policy.

15. Acknowledgement of terms and conditions. By payment of a deposit and confirmation of a booking, it is duly recorded that the contracting production company/client has read and understood and accepts DWA terms of service.