We operate in several industries from offshore oil and gas platforms to telecommunications.

Whatever the industry, we can get the job done.



Oil and Gas (Onshore / Offshore)

Darkwing Aerials conducts visual, thermal, Lidar 3D & NDT inspections and surveys of structures at height, live plant structures and hard-to-reach areas at onshore and offshore oil and gas installations. We make use of industry-leading aerial platforms, cameras and inspection gear.


Power Generation

We provide aerial services on live transmission lines and structures in the form of close-up visual, thermal & Lidar 2D/3D mapping and Corona detection using UV cameras. We make use of industry-leading aerial platforms (Multirotor and Fixed Wing), cameras and inspection gear.



Renewable Energy

We perform aerial surveys on wind turbines and solar parks providing quick, accurate and in-depth inspections of assets in the form of close-up visual and thermal inspections. Darkwing and their affiliate companies have more that 10 years experience in wind turbine inspections.


The Darkwing team developed an Ultrasonic Thickness testing device to be secured on an aerial platform in order to conduct thickness testing on ship hulls, storage tanks and various other steel structures such as piping.




Darkwing can eliminate at-height inspections on telecommunication towers and structures by making use of Z30 zoom cameras during asset integrity inspections. With the added benefit of the Terrestrial and Aerial Lidar capability, we can provide a comprehensive survey of assets, saving time and costs and eliminating at-height inspection risks.