Powerline Inspection/Lidar scan and Mapping

DWA Industrial team was deployed to Tembisa in Johannesburg to map out 6km of power lines.

This project was a full package delivery for the client,

The land below the lines was surveyed and mapped with our M210 for a new power line build.

Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 13.51.59.png

The existing lines were inspected along the corridor, focussing on the conductors, connectors as well as the structures and rigging . A full structural inspection report was submitted on all findings.


Our team lidar scanned the span of lines ending up with a geo referenced 3D point cloud of the entire 6km of lines and substations.

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 08.41.10.png

Thermal Survey on Oil Refinery


The DWA Industrial team was deployed to a refinery near Cape Town, the project brief was to look for hotspots on 5 fares, including all the piping from the furnaces leading to the flares.

The team inspected all 5 flares and piping in between in 2 days, the client was blown away with the speed and accuracy of the inspection.

Equipment used was:

  • M210

  • XT2 640 duo Thermal camera