Powerline Inspection/Lidar scan and Mapping

DWA Industrial team was deployed to Tembisa in Johannesburg to map out 6km of power lines.

This project was a full package delivery for the client,

The land below the lines was surveyed and mapped with our M210 for a new power line build.

Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 13.51.59.png

The existing lines were inspected along the corridor, focussing on the conductors, connectors as well as the structures and rigging . A full structural inspection report was submitted on all findings.


Our team lidar scanned the span of lines ending up with a geo referenced 3D point cloud of the entire 6km of lines and substations.

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 08.41.10.png

Pipe rigging inspection

DWA Industrial team got tasked to boat 10 miles out to sea to meet a tug that was transporting 500mx3m pipes across the world. These pipes are so big that they have to be towed around the world by sea.

The objective was to inspect the rigging between all 4 pipes before the divers replaced them and again after.

DWA has done this multiple times as there has been multiple shipments of these pipes and no other way to inspect them.


Thermal Survey on Oil Refinery


The DWA Industrial team was deployed to a refinery near Cape Town, the project brief was to look for hotspots on 5 fares, including all the piping from the furnaces leading to the flares.

The team inspected all 5 flares and piping in between in 2 days, the client was blown away with the speed and accuracy of the inspection.

Equipment used was:

  • M210

  • XT2 640 duo Thermal camera

Visual inspection on 45 wind turbines

We were asked to assist a client to inspect 40 wind turbines to look for damages to the blades, our crew inspected and reported on 4-6 turbines per day with the M210 Z30 zoom camera. The project went well and the client was impressed by the number of turbines covered per day and the detail in the images on the report.

Visual Inspections on Aluminium smelting Plant

We were contacted by a client to help them complete visual inspections on their aluminium smelting plants. The inspection we carried out took one day and helped the client complete a job that would have otherwise been near impossible. We inspected 5 smoke stacks that were inaccessible by rope access or any other means due them being situated on an old roof.

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